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Studio Systems


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  1. Cloning is not talent. But Talent must clone! (Published in "Studio Systems" Sept-Oct 99)
  2. Technology and the Artiste (Published in "Studio Systems" Nov-Dec 99)
  3. The New York City blues ( Published in "Studio Systems" Jan-Feb 2000 issue)
  4. Welcome 2000! (Published in "Studio Systems" March-April 2000 issue)
  5. Memories (Published in "Studio Systems" May-June 2000 issue)
  6. Cyber Chat (Published in "Studio Systems" July-August 2000 issue)
  7. Everything (almost!) you wanted to know about being a Musician in India and were not afraid to ask!
  8. Creativity (Published in "Studio Systems" Sept-Oct 2000)
  9. Sixties (Published in "Studio Systems" Nov-Dec 2000)
  10. Rock Around the Clock (Published in "Studio Systems" Jan-Feb 2001)
  11. Palm 2001 (Published in "Studio Systems" March-April 2001)

  12. Bob Dylan (Published in "Studio Systems" May-June 2001)
  13. Music is the BEST (Published in "Studio Systems" July-Aug 2001)
  14. Passion (Published in "Studio Systems" Sept-Oct 2001)
  15. Retro (Published in "Studio Systems" Nov-Dec 2001)
  16. Control (Published in "Studio Systems" Jan-Feb 2002)
  17. Jazz Yatra (Published in "Studio Systems" Mar-Apr 2002)
  18. FM radio (Published in "Studio Systems" May-June 2002)

  19.  Hyderabad Blues (Published in "Studio Systems" July-August 2002)

  20.  PALM 2002 (Published in "Studio Systems" September-October 2002)

  21. Music Software (Published in "Studio Systems" November-December 2002)

  22.  Discovery (Published in "Studio Systems" January-February2002)

  23. Goa (Published in "Studio Systems" March-April 2003)

  24. Rock Club ( Published in "Studio Systems" May-June 2003)

  25. Fox session ( Published in "Studio Systems" July-August 2003)

  26 Convergence ( Published in "Pro Audio-Systems" October 2004)










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